poster on hand-washing technique

How to Handwash?- poster on hand-washing technique ,hand in left palm and vice versa; Rinse hands with water; Dry hands thoroughly Use towel to turn off faucet; Your hands are now safe. with a single use towel; All reasonable precautions have been taken by the World Health Organization to verify the informationHandwashing Technique - Health Promotion - PublicationsClean your hands Say no to infection 1. Remove hand and wrist jewellery (wedding band allowed) N.B. Keep nails short 2. Wet hands thoroughly under warm running water Handwashing Technique 3. Apply 5mls of soap/antiseptic soap to cupped hand by pressing ...

Health and Safety Executive Skin care

Skin care Hand washing and applying hand cream Follow the steps shown HSE Health and Safety Executive Rinse off all soap/cleanser Dry thoroughly with soft towel Turn off tap with towel Apply hand cream Distribute soap/ cleanser, rubbing in for

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(b) Hand hygiene with alcohol-based handrub: (i) Apply a palmful of alcohol-based handrub to cover all surfaces of the hands. Rub hands according to the 7 steps of hand hygiene technique for at least 20 seconds until the hands are dry (refer to point 3 for detail).

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