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CLEANING AND SANITIZING- commercial kitchen sanitizer ,Cleaning and Sanitizing 4 dissolved in the hot gel and the resulting jelled acid or alkaline detergent is sprayed on the surface to be cleaned. The jelled cleaner will hold a thin film on the surface for 10 minutes or longer to attack the soil. Soil and gel are removedBasic Steps to a Clean and Sanitary Kitchen - Food safetyBasic Steps to a Clean and Sanitary Kitchen Whether you are working in your own kitchen or helping with a church or community event, there are three basic steps to keeping a kitchen clean and sanitary. Step 1. Wash all surfaces, pots, pans and utensils with

Cleaning & Sanitizing the Kitchen - Extension

common in the kitchen, but cause very serious, if not deadly, illnesses. Sanitizing steps: (See the table on page two) 1. Spray surface with sanitizer of choice. 2. Leave sanitizer on the surface for the suggested amount of time. 3. Allow to air dry OR dry with a P2

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