8 steps handwashing

8 Steps to Proper Handwashing - DebMed- 8 steps handwashing ,Deborah, your partner in hand hygiene compliance. 8 Steps to Proper Handwashing Apply soap to dry hands Rinse both sides of hands with water Rub hands palm to palm Right palm over left dorsum with interfaced fingers and repeat Back of fingers to opposing8 Steps Of Hand Washing Global Handwashing DayGlobal Handwashing Day takes places on 15th October and is organised by the UN to encourage a global culture of handwashing. It aims to raise awareness of the importance of handwashing and good hand hygiene among children and schools in particular, but


Students will practice handwashing in the washroom with guidance from an adult. Mentors should be familiar with the steps of handwashing, the Twinkle, Twinkle song, and the parts of the hands that need to be washed. Post the How to Wash Your Hands

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The 9 step handwashing method - Initial

The 9 step handwashing method Follow these simple steps when washing and sanitising. Rinse hands under running water Dry hands thoroughly Sanitise Fingers interlaced, rub palm to palm and then right palm to back of left hand and vice versa Clasp right

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