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Use of Chlorine in the Food Industry- sanitizer ph level ,and protein, before you apply chlorine as a sanitizer. 2. The pH of a chlorine solution. The level affects the antimicrobial activity. Use chlorine solutions with a pH range of 6.5 to 7.0 for optimum antimicrobial activity. At pH values near 4.0, hypochlorite solutionsAcids and Bases Teacher Edit - Stanford UniversitySanitizer Baking Soda Conditioner Adding more baking soda to the water changes the intensity of the color blue. In this case, the liquid becomes a dimmer blue. This is because the pH scale is logarithmic meaning that a difference in 1 unit of pH is a 10X

Measuring Disinfectant/Sanitizer Concentration Tech Talk

2 Tech Talk - July 2017 Measuring Disinfectant/Sanitizer Concentration Test Strips Test strips represent one common field measurement method for determining quats or chlorine actives in disinfectants and sanitizers. Test strips usually have

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affecting sanitizer activity is pH, because it changes the concentration of the active form of free chlorine, hypochlorous acid, HOCl. As a result, chlorine and bromine become less effective at higher pH. This is why it is essential to maintain a stable pH value of 7

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